Patrick Timmons

Patrick was a residential home building contractor in the Chicago area for almost 20 years before launching 5th Avenue Construction in 2009. Patrick is an avid marathon runner, swimmer, and cyclist. In his spare time, he plays guitar in a folk-rock band. He also enjoys K-9 training his dogs, and most of all---spending quality time with his lovely wife and their three daughters.

Joe Rybka

A lifelong outdoor enthusiast and construction contractor, Joe started triathlon training in 2018 as a way to expand on his love of swimming, biking, and running. In his spare time, he enjoys quiet days with his family and working on his never ending list of projects at home.

Robert Duncan

Robert has held a long career in the endurance sports field. Robert attended Rend Lake College and SIU with full ride scholarships in running. He began his professional triathlon career at the ripe age of 30 years old. After many successful races, Robert retired to be a full time dad to his autistic son in 2020.

Keagan Timmons

Spectrum Ambassador