18 May

Our Breaking 4 Event Was a Success!

The Breaking 4 Endurance Racing Event that occurred this past weekend was a huge success! The goal of our Breaking 4 event was to raise more awareness for autism and those who are on the spectrum, while also raising donations for our local autism community and family therapy services.

The Spectrum Racing NFP team is extremely proud of the training, dedication, and team bonding of our athletes at our Breaking 4 event. Special thanks to Christopher Pritchett for his contribution to the event, not only in his intense riding effort on the velodrome (with periods of a consistent 31 MPH!), but also his ability to be a team leader.

In addition, special mention to Coach Dena Colie for her coordination, coaching, and encouragement. Dena’s enthusiasm, motivation, and positive attitude kept our race on point all day.

The original race plan was to have the team support our individual athlete, yet during the race it became less about one individual and more about the team. We adopted a team strategy to all work together to achieve our goal. The Spectrum Racing NFP team’s final race time was 3:52:35, breaking through a complete ride of 100 miles in just under 4 hours.

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors

Spectrum Racing would like to thank their sponsors who have made The Breaking 4 Endurance Racing Event possible. A big shout out goes to BBInfinite, Rudy Project, Jakroo, Jcob Cycling, OS1st, Morftech, Birdworx Inc, Amp Human, and City Scooters. Thank you to B. Lemke Photography for the incredible photos taken during our race.

Donation for a Great Cause

Click the link below to make a donation, your donation will be given to our local autism community and will be given to organizations who offer support for individuals and families who live life on the spectrum.

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Breaking 4 Event Photos:

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